4G Phones of the Future! CTIA Roundup on PCWorld Podcast 70

Posted: March 27, 2010 in pcworld

PCWorld Staff

Mar 26, 2010 6:00 pm

HTC EVO 4GThis week on the podcast, Ginny Mies and Mark Sullivan are fresh out of Las Vegas and ready to talk about all of the brand-new cell phones and wireless technologies they saw at CTIA 2010.

Ginny Mies talks about two of the most exciting phones she saw at the show: HTC’s EVO 4G for Sprint, the carrier’s first phone built for 4G networks, and the Samsung Galaxy S, which has a beautiful Super AMOLED screen. Both phones run the Android OS.

Plus, Mark Sullivan had a chance to test out Clearwire’s WiMax 4G service while he was in Las Vegas, and he’s ready to tell the tale of the tape when it comes to speed: Downloads went very fast, but uploading was surprisingly slow. Learn about WiMax, the competing LTE 4G wireless technology, and when you can expect to find faster networks in a city near you.

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