10 Great Outdoor Gadgets

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

10 Great Outdoor Gadgets

Warm weather draws more people outdoors as people participate in a variety of sports and hobby activities. Often this means that gadget lovers have to “rough it” away from the beloved treasures that make life inside comfortable. Here are 10 outdoor gadgets that will help make outside more civilized.

Portable Power Generators

A variety of high tech mini wind turbines, hydroelectric packs, and solar chargers are available that can keep your batteries charged without needing an AC outlet. Those who think of technology as a toy will have to eat their words when they see you watching movies, playing games, and charging your gadgets while they sit in darkness with nothing to do. These are great backup devices for storms or power outages (or at least you can justify the cost that way). Price: $140 and up depending on the size and power.

Solar Tents

Far from being a toy, solar tents are gadgets you can live in. Whether camping out in the mountains or in the backyard, this tent will store up power to produce a pleasant glow, creating a beautiful spectacle for others to enjoy while you enjoy some of the best outdoor aemenities available. You might want to camp near a road, however, because some solar tents are heavy.

Price: $60 – $250 or more depending on the manufacturer and size.

Inflatable Spa

Outdoor gadgets can bring some of the amenities of home with you outside. Whether you’re in the yard or at a campsite, as long as you have power, you can “rough it” in style with an inflatable hot tub. Perfect for all sorts of outside get-togethers, these handy gadgets with built-in filtration and have room for six.

Price: $500 and up.

Water Weapons

Gadget lovers will enjoy the blend of excessive fire power and electronic targeting controls as high tech merges with brute force in the great outdoors. No gadget lover should do without when it comes to Special Forces operations. From sniper operations to “shock and awe,” water weapons are out there to give you the tactical advantage over an enemy armed with toys.

Price: $8 and up.

Flying Toys

Some outdoor gadgets really are toys. Who says you need batteries and remote controls to have fun outside, especially when you have science on your side? Toys that feature gyroscopic flight aids launch saucers, cups, and a variety of other designs into the air for amazing and entertaining flights.

Price: Starting at $10.

Water Purifiers

So you like the outdoors, but you don’t like the idea of sharing waterholes with deer, frogs, and other critters? You need a water purifier. These handy devices come in a variety of sizes, some small enough to fit in a pocket. Use ultraviolet models to eliminate messy chemicals and add a healthy dose of technology into your water supply.

Price: $25 and up.

Solar Coffee/Tea Makers

While many gadgets for outdoor survival focus on generating power to operate some of the comforts of home while living outside, others – like solar coffee and tea makers – harness the power of the sun to make delicious hot coffee and tea.

Price: Starting at $20.

Mobile Lighting

Everyone needs light while outside in the dark – how else do you read, navigate trails, and make your way to the outhouse? From high tech head-mounted lighting to LED space lighting, gadget lovers can find a variety of exciting gizmos that relieve the boredom of regular flashlights.

Price: $14 and up.

Bruce Tyson is an expert on everything gadget. He provides contract IT consulting along with freelance writing and is a contributor to Six Apart Media.


  1. vishwa narayan says:

    nice gadgets.

    here’s a solar water purifier i’m working on that might fit inot your list:



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