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Roksanda Ilincic

The lovely Roksanda Ilincic dropped into see us this morning, to show us her spring collection – and pictures of her beautiful baby daughter (who definitely has her mother’s eyes and lips. Lucky her!).

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8:54 AM (41 minutes ago)

Chanel Crossing

A lunchtime stroll in the sunshine took us to the Chanel press day. (They really spoilt us with mini carrot-cake slices. Perfect little fashion bunnies that we are, we particularly liked the mini carrots on top and we did mean to photograph them, but they were already in our mouths, oops!) There, we found endless gorgeous items to tempt us for the new spring season…

(above) Riva, the new nail colour we will all be wearing when it’s released in a few weeks’ time.

… And the colours we’ll be wearing on our nails come Spring…

The hi-tops trend continues…

Anyone for a spot of croquet before cucumber sandwiches on the lawn?

Their mood board for the new spring make-up.

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8:47 AM (48 minutes ago)

Our Review of the Dash New York: Lohan’s Leggings, $10 Water and QuickTrim

from Fashionista by Dhani Mau

It’s been almost a week since the hotly-anticipated opening of Dash New York, so we decided it was about time to see it for ourselves. Walking up to the store, I saw no police officers, fistfights or camera crews, which I presumed meant a lack of Kardashain blood inside. In fact, the shop was nearly empty and would range from about two to 10 customers in the half hour or so I was there, which, granted, is probably average for a SoHo boutique on a Tuesday afternoon. Still, I expected a little more from a store whose recent opening warranted police barricades and multiple arrests.

The airy space has a decidedly high-end feel. There are about five hanging racks with items like Smythe coats, 6126 by Lindsay Lohan leggings adorned with leather and sequins, many body con dresses by Kova & T and Torn by Ronny Kobo, lots of high-end black denim, a few fur vests and the occasional ridiculous gold jacket with huge shoulders. There were also several tables of dumb-looking Wildfox t-shirts and denim and a few shelves filled with more t-shirts, sweaters and other products. There were a few things I might wear, including come cute cropped blouses, tailored coats and LNA pieces, but the overall look was very Kardashian. A few cases near the registers housed some pretty decent jewelry, including some very expensive-looking gold pieces and even a few diamonds.

If I had to judge, I’d say there was a pretty even mix of people who would legitimately buy the clothes and tourists who just wanted to see the store (and maybe a Kardashian). And conveniently, the store has something to offer to both. About half of it is a typical contemporary boutique, albeit with an extraordinary amount of black and body-con dresses and sequins. The other half caters to people who just want a piece of the Dash/Kardashian brand, i.e. Kim’s fragrance, plain white t-shirts that say Dash on them ($60), Dash candles ($40) and Dash WATER ($10). At the bottom of a shelf housing the aforementioned, there is also cellulite cream and a variety of QuickTrim products, of course.

I decided to “try on” some Lohan leather leggings and a Ronny Kobo sweater and instead of Kim or Kourtney taking my picks to the fitting room for me, no one did. Why? Because there was only one sales associate in the whole store. She was behind the register inventorying a buttload of beauty products (of which there were none on the floor, yet). At one point she yelled over to a security guard, “This is so annoying.”

Even though it was obvious, I asked her where the fitting rooms were to see if she would offer any help and to avoid looking like a shoplifter. “Right down there. There are three open,” she offered. She didn’t tell me to let her know if I needed another size, or do anything particularly helpful, but had a nice, friendly demeanor.

The dressing room was nice, clean and spacious, but dark, lit only by a dim chandelier. I overheard a woman yelling out to her friend “Can you get me that sweater in a medium?!” and I don’t think the lone sales associate rushed to do it for her. But, I understand, she was busy inventorying things.

There were no shoes or handbags, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more to come (if the lone salesgirl’s frantic inventorying is any indication) and there is certainly room for it. Just throw in some leopard print Louboutins and perhaps a branded line of hair extensions, and the store houses just about everything you need to look like a Kardashian. Click through for a few stealth shots i took inside the store.

photo-1 photo-2 photo-5 photo-6 photo The Kardashian girls open DASH NYC

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7:40 AM (1 hour ago)

Stars Sans Stylists: What It Really Means

from Fashionista by Lauren Sherman
This awesome look has Eric Daman written all over it. 

Lately, the cool thing, if you’re famous, is to claim that you don’t have a stylist. (Cough, Blake Lively, cough cough.) Sometimes, that’s true. But most of the time, chances are someone is likely helping the starlet make clothing decisions, even if it’s not a Rachel Zoe/Nicole Richie-type relationship.

There are some stylists who make celebrities look like they’ve done it themselves. Leslie Fremar, who styles Julianne MooreMaggie Gyllenhaal,Jennifer Connelly, and several other perfect specimens, makes her clients feel so comfortable on the red carpet that for years I fully believed Gyllenhaal did it solo.

But alas, what celebrity has time to go it alone, especially when it’s a big event like the Oscars? As one publicist told me, “I don’t think they have time to find PR contacts, you know?”

Even Chloe Sevigny, whose style is innately her own–probably more than any other celebrity–uses a stylist for big events. Ezra Woods, her sometimes-stylist, also works with Michelle Williams, who looks as effortless on the street as she does on the red carpet. (And there’s no way Woods is picking out her outfits every morning.) Perfect person Gwyneth Paltrow even started using someone after her too loose Ralph Lauren dress at the 1999 Oscars. (Although I loved it regardless.)

So what about Blake? And Diane? And January? What’s truth and what’s fiction? Here are the real stories behind these stars without stylists:

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7:38 AM (1 hour ago)

Polo Ralph Lauren Reports Second-Quarter Profits

The company raises sales and profit outlook for fiscal 2011.
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7:38 AM (1 hour ago)

Macy’s Inc. Posts Third-Quarter Profits

Retailer expects same-store sales in the fourth quarter to be up 3 to 4 percent.
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7:01 AM (2 hours ago)

ELLE wins best Editor and Art Director

The editorial year was rounded off in style last night as ELLE magazine was awarded an unprecedented two wins at the biggest ceremony on the calendar, the British Society of Magazine Editors awards.

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6:35 AM (3 hours ago)

Lagerfeld Sets Collaboration with Swedish Crystal Firm

Next spring, Karl Lagerfeld will launch a collection with Swedish crystal specialist Orrefors.
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6:33 AM (3 hours ago)

Alice Temperley to launch high-end Barbour collection

from Catwalk Queen by Kimberley Foster
alice temperley black and white portrait.jpgIt seems the old Barbour jacket just keeps getting more stylish. Following on from Anya Hindmarch’s collaboration with the heritage brand,Alice Temperley has just announced she will also create a new higher-end range.  

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6:33 AM (3 hours ago)

Psst… Is Kate Moss planning a lingerie line for Topshop?

from Catwalk Queen by Kimberley Foster
paris fashion week christian dior kate moss oct 10.jpgAfter launching her latest and last full collection for Topshop, word is thatKate Moss may now be looking to create a lingerie line for the High Street retailer. 

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5:08 AM (4 hours ago)

Hearst’s Cathie Black to Replace Joel Klein as NYC Schools Chancellor

from Fashionista by Leah Chernikoff

Cathie Black, who has been the chairwoman of Hearst Magazines for 15 years, and before that publisher of New York magazine and USA Today, will replace Joel Klein as the chancellor of New York City schools.

While it comes as no surprise that Black is leaving Hearst–she was passed over for president when David Carey got the job last July–her departure comes quicker than Hearst execs had anticipated and her new title comes as a shock to many, given her lack of experience in education. A senior staff member in the Department of Education told the New York Times that the announcement caught top aides off guard, that “Mr. Klein had not said anything to them about wanting a new job” and that “top aides did not know anything about Ms. Black.” And in a memo to Hearst staffers, chief executive Frank Bennack conceded that he expected “Cathie’s handling of the transition with David…to take place over a longer period of time,” according to WWD.

At yesterday’s press conference announcing the shift, Mayor Bloomberg called Black “a superstar manager who has succeeded spectacularly in the private sector” and added, “There’s no one who knows more about the skills our children will need to succeed in the 21st century economy,” the NYT is reporting. Black admitted that she had little experience dealing with unions and that her own children attended private boarding school in Connecticut, but said, according to WWD, “the change and the opportunity to make a difference is what compelled me to want this position.”

As Black exits the media world, Klein, who held the job as the city’s schools chancellor for eight years, is leaving to become an executive vice president at News Corp.

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3:16 AM (6 hours ago)

Tod’s to Report Strong Third-Quarter Numbers

“There’s been growth,” Diego Della Valle tells conference.
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3:07 AM (6 hours ago)

Karl Lagerfeld & Victoria Beckham join Suzy Menkes at IHT Luxury Conference

from Catwalk Queen by Kimberley Foster
suzy menkes karl lagerfeld victoria beckham ITH conference.jpgIt was a stellar line-up at yesterday’s International Herald Tribune 10th Annual Luxury Conference, hosted by Suzy Menkes. 


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