The 40 Funniest Celebrity Candids Of 2010 and More!

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The Newest Buzz – Friday, December 31, 2010

The 40 Best Mug Shots Of 2010

Congratulations to everyone! You are all winners.

The 40 Funniest Celebrity Candids Of 2010

Here’s to hoping Jack Nicholson takes some sort of beach vacation in 2011. Please please please take a beach vacation, Jack.

Facebook Marriage Proposal

The new, more impersonal way to propose to your special someone! Hopefully she says yes, otherwise, you will have some serious explaining to do.

Girls of eBay

Real people are the best models. I realize this implies that I don’t think models are real people… and I’m okay with that. (via interweber.)

10 Mashups You Should Have Listened To In 2010

Here are 10 of the most popular mashups of 2010. You should probably listen to them. I guess.

The Best New Year’s Resolutions For 2011

If everyone’s 2011 New Year’s resolutions are as well thought out as these, then we are in for a very successful new year. Mazel Tov. (VIa)

The 5 Most Popular Products In North Korea

According to a new survey of North Korean defectors, these items are selling like “hotcakes” in North Korea.

The 15 Strangest Things Dropped On New Years Eve

Although dropping a ball may be pretty strange, there are much stranger things being dropped outside of New York. I’m looking at you, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Girlfriend IRL

But can they all do the voice? That is the question. For fans of the Venture Brothers and/or nerdy girls in costume.

Lesbians And Gays Of The 1950s

Video from a gay club in the late 50s or early 60s.

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